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Tech Insights 2016

Smart Investing | Tech champions | Open Innovation & Technology Transfer


Milan, Fondazione Riccardo Catella

October 6th 2016

9am / 1pm

Where do innovative ideas come from?

How scientific research can reach daily life of citizens and consumers? How capital risk coming from corporation and universities could support the development of an innovation company?

The greatest challenge tech industry faces today is how to stay competitive amid constant turbulence and disruption. Tech Insights 2016 brought  together selected leaders to discuss how technology, smart investing and entrepreneurship are moving forward our society in a lightspeed changing world.




Fireside chats




Global Attractiveness Index: the true measure of a Country’s attractiveness

Valerio De Molli (The European House Ambrosetti)

Panel 01 

Smart Investing

Selected investors will discuss how the current digital transformation is reshaping traditional industries and how this represent a big opportunity in established and emerging geographies.

Moderator: Paola Bonomo (Non Executive Director)
Panelists: Gill Cogan  (Opus Capital), Rob Kniaz (Hoxton Ventures), Edoardo Bounos (Symphony Technology Group), John Paton (IVA Ventures)


Francesco Caio

CEO Poste Italiane

Panel 02 

Tech Champions

This session will host entrepreneurs who will discuss what it takes to start and grow a technology company from bootstrapping to a global scale.

Moderator: Roberto Bonzio (Journalist)
Panelists: Massimo Banzi (Arduino), Niccolò Maisto (Faceit), Paolo Galvani (Moneyfar), Andrea Calcagno (Cloud4Wi), Andre Schmidt (Duty Calculator)

Fireside chat 

Massimo Costa (WWP Italy)

Interviewed by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè (Bocconi University of School of Management)

Panel 03 

Open Innovation & Technology Transfer

The ability of established and new corporations to absorb technologies is the key to their success. In this context, open innovation strategies and collaboration with research centers are essential to effectively make a productive transfer from research to value creation.
Moderator: Barbara D’Amico (Journalist)
Panelists: Cabirio Cautela  (Politecnico di Milano), Agotino Cavazza (Edmund Mach Foundation), Bruno Lepri (FBK and MIT Media Lab), Vincenzo Russi (e-Novia)







































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