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Milan 24th June 2019

Talent Garden Calabiana

What is

Tech Insights?

Tech Insights is the yearly conference organized by United Ventures that gathers in Milan senior executives, VCs and entrepreneurs from all over the world to discuss the latest technology trends and opportunities.

A half-day event that brings together selected global leaders to talk about tech investing – a unique occasion to find out new disruptive trends and challenges in VC industry and be inspired by the best speakers.




What to expect from the 2019 edition?

The 2019 edition of Tech Insights will focus on GAME CHANGERS: emerging tech trends and interesting companies with the potential for transforming society and economies for the better.

Investors, entrepreneurs, technologists and corporate executives will exchange views and opinions on the following themes:

Les jeux sont faits… or not? Today’s world is facing challenges that we can no longer ignore. We will discuss big solutions to big problems and try to outline the game-changing tech trends poised to reshape industries in the next coming future.

When Talent meets Capital. Game changers are, in the first place, people: talented founders who lead the next wave of business innovation. The role of Venture Capital is to back and support them. How to fluidify the investor/entrepreneur relation and make it mutually beneficial at its best?

Reconnecting the dots. In this ever-changing scenario of interconnected markets, what is the role that a global network of inclusive communities can play? How is it possible to allow a society to exploit its full potential in economic and social growth, enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit?

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