The Event

A half-day event that every year brings together selected leaders to discuss how technology, smart investing and entrepreneurship are moving forward our society in a fast changing world.


6th October 2016 | 9am - 1pm


Fondazione Riccardo Catella | Milan Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28, 20124 Milan, Italy


Organized by United Ventures, an Italian Venture Capital firm focused on technolgy investments


  • 1

    Keynote speech

    Global Attractiveness Index. The true measure of a Country’s attractiveness

  • 3

    Smart Investing

    Selected investors will discuss how the current digital transformation is reshaping traditional industries and how this represent a big opportunity in established and emerging geographies.

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    Tech champions

    The session will host entrepreneurs who will discuss what it takes to start and grow a technology company from bootstrapping to global scale.

  • 4

    Open Innovation & Technology Transfer

    The ability of established and new corporations to absorb technologies is key to their success. In this context, open innovation strategies and collaboration with research centers are essential to effectively make a productive transfer from research to value creation.

By invitation only

United Ventures

United Ventures SGR is an Italian independent early-stage Venture Capital Fund investing in innovative companies, focused on software and digital technologies. United Ventures supports new entrepreneurs or serial entrepreneurs in developing technology companies that have the ambition to grow at international level, radically innovating high-growth potential sectors. It counts on a team of professionals with a solid track record and diversified experience in Venture Capital and in management of technology companies.